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 Comments from presentation attendees.

While confidentiality prevents the soliciting of reviews from therapy or assessment patients, the following comments from attendees or contracting agencies may provide some insight into the type and quality of our parent and professional presentations:

"...your excellent presentation on the emotional needs of the gifted exceeded our expectations! I heard nothing but rave reviews on your talk from our membership during the weeks following the meeting."

Jennifer Martin

Broward County Schools

Gifted Advisory Committee Chair

"The presentation was one of the most interactive and was rated as ‘Excellent’ by all of the participants."

Susan Triano MS, CCC-SLP

Coordinator of Training and Development

Memorial Hospital, Hollywood, FL

"Dr. Grelling’s lecture really struck a nerve and tells us clearly what area we need to focus on for future conferences. His presentation was outstanding and we hope that he’ll come back to explore similar topics of support, nurturing, and interactive strategies for the healthcare professional."

Dawn Hawthorne MSN, CCRN, IBCLC

Developmental Care Committee

Joe Dimaggio Children's Hospital, Hollywood, FL

Dr. Grelling’s presentations have made him a popular, sought-after speaker in Broward County Public Schools, the nation’s sixth largest school district. I highly recommend Dr. Grelling as a speaker for clinicians, educators, and parents, or anyone who would like well-rounded, insightful, and helpful advice for positively impacting the lives of children.

Cynthia Park

Director of Advanced Academic Programs

Broward County Public Schools


[Dr. Grelling has] "a very engaging manner as a lecturer, that involves the students in thinking about the materials."

Jane Brooks, PhD

Department of Psychology

University of California, Berkeley

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